$3.99/Watt Installed!

The Best Price Per Watt Installed in the Industry!

We are pulling out all the stops and bringing the lowest price per watt in the industry to you. Call us today and find out how you can take advantage of the savings. What are you waiting for? Start saving money today and stop paying your utility company's outrageous costs and avoid future price increases. Visit our online proposal page and receive a custom tailored proposal.

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Comerford Solar

Your Home Energy Solutions Company!

Let us design a custom solar energy solution that fits your unique needs. Whether it be an out of the ordinary roof, or growing energy needs like a new addition to the family, or even a new electric vehicle. Our engineers can come up with a unique solution that can cover any situation.

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Inversion Conversion

Learn more about the Central Inversion/Microinversion debate. We've worked with and tested the latest technologies in the Solar PV inversion business. Come learn what we have been finding out and why Central Inversion with the SolarEdge Optimizers are quickly becoming the leaders in the industry.

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American Made Products (A.M.P.)

At Comerford Solar, we're A.M.P.ed to support our country by using the finest quality American Made Products. Please take a moment to take a look around and support us support our troops.

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Know Solar!™

Unbiased Solar Educational Webinars, for Residential, HOAs, and Commercial Properties.

It's great that you want to go solar, but where to begin?!?! What permits do I need? For which rebates do I qualify? What is the latest technology out in the market? Do I need my HOA's Approval? How much will I really save? How long will my payback be?
Find out the answers to these questions and more by attending one of our Know Solar! Webinars.

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Savings Matrix

Find out how much you can save at a glance!

Finding out how much solar can save you shouldn't be a hassle. That's why we created the Solar Savings Matrix! If you know about how much on average your bills are per month, you can find out just how much you could be saving with Comerford Solar.

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Solar Survival Systems

Worried you'll be without power during the next natural disaster?

What happens to the stored food in your freezer and refigerator when you lose power from the grid?....The food spoils....and you have no "safety net". Comerford Solar's Survival Systems will maintain your stored food supply, charge your cellphone, power your radio and computer and keep you connected!


How Much Will Solar Cost Me?

Find out just how much Solar will cost you, and how much you can expect to save!

We can size any solar energy system with just:

  • 12 months of utility bills
  • Size/limit of the breaker
  • Basic roof dimensions

It's easier than you might think to know how much solar could save you!

Online Proposal

Find out how satisfied our Residential Solar Clients are by visiting our Testimonials page. You'll not only find notes our clients have sent us, but a few video testimonials as well.

"My advice would be real simple, pick up the phone... Comerford Solar is the easiest company to deal with, they have an excellent reputation... and together you can decide if solar is appropriate for you."
-John D.

Solar Survival Systems

Murphy's Law, Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible moment...

Don't be caught without power ever again! With our Solar Survival Systems, you will be prepared for the next unexpected natural disaster or power outage:

Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, Loma Prieta, Poor Power Grids, Rolling Blackouts, Oakland Hills Fire, San Bernadino Fire, etc...

Comerford Solar?

Why Comerford Solar?

  • Debt Free Company
  • In-House Financing
  • American Made Products
  • Experts in Micro-Inverters
  • Certified SolarWorld Dealer

Not Enough? Let us come to you for a free Solar Consultation and let us prove to you why we are the best in the business!

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Imagine a Better Future

What if you did not have to pay for gas and electricity? You would no longer be bound to the meter and a recurring statement. Your home could be supplied with the energy needs you require without impacting the routine of everyday life. But how is this even possible?

By harnessing renewable energy, you could reduce your dependence or even sever the ties with your utility company, with the mutually inclusive benefit of sustainability. Incentives in the form of federal tax credits and energy rebates reduce the burden of the investment, so that a renewable energy system can be within your reach.

What we can bring to the table:

Solar Designs to fit any roof! We will work with you to design a system that meets your personal needs within the scope of your budget. Take advantage of nature and start generating energy now to save money in the future.

Solar energy systems have the potential to save you a bundle on your energy bills. With federal tax credits holding strong, and our in-house financing options, it's more affordable than ever to never have to worry about another energy bill again.