Commercial Benefits

Corporate environmental initiatives are becoming a defacto standard in the industry. What is your company doing to stay ahead of the game?

Corporate Responsibility

"Why should I worry about Corporate Responsibility?"

Corporate Responsibility is something every business should have in the forefront of their mind. Diving past the buzzword, it actually means something much more substantial. Not only is it a business plan to address a company's impact on the environment, it also describes their ethics, morals, and what the company stands for. Is your company doing what it can to reduce its environmental impact? Consumers are asking themselves questions like this when they are making a decision to buy. How will you respond? Let us help you along in your Corporate Responsibility initiatives and together we can build a better future.

Tax Incentives

"Are the Tax Incentives really worth it?"

Of course! The City, State, and Federal rebates and tax incentives make solar a very attractive option. These programs were put into place to allow businesses the opportunity to take advantage of solar technology. This is because the government knows how important renewable energies are for this country.

However understanding the incentives, what they are, who is eligible, and how one goes about applying for them is a whole different story. That's where we come in. Let Comerford Solar will help you navigate the bureaucratic maze and cut out the red tape to take full advantage of the incentives and rebates available to your business.

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Mike Comerford's Money Saving Solar System

A nice house, a clean design... when Nick Donzelli and Mike Comerford put their heads together, they came up with a shining example of what a solar design could be functionally, financially, and aesthetically.

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Solar energy systems have the potential to save you a bundle on your energy bills. With federal tax credits holding strong, and our in-house financing options, it's more affordable than ever to never have to worry about another energy bill again.