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A Diamond Certified, fully integrated solar company. We Design, Install, Monitor, and Finance Residential and Commercial energy systems.

How it all came to be

Mar 10, 2008 | When GreenAir, inc. Became Comerford Solar

Comerford Solar, Inc. actually started as Green Air Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.; now our sister HVAC/radiant company. You may visit us at GoGreenAir.net.

The company began in November of 2007 and was incorporated 10 March 2008. Nicholas Donzelli had a vision to create a new standard for energy efficient companies: to be capable of providing "real" energy solutions with realistic ROIs (return on investments).

In 2011, Nicholas was ready to take the solar company to the next level. He understood that this would require restructuring the organization. A friend since 2005, Michael Comerford, suggested that Nicholas should take on a partner to assist with the hectic life of a business owner.

Michael and Nicholas got to know each other when Nicholas performed the HVAC work on Michael's home in Moraga in 2005. In 2010, Michael underwent a very extensive remodel, during which Nicholas' company, Green Air, was asked to perform the necessary HVAC work. Solar was brought to Michael's attention, however, the misunderstanding of the terms "energy efficient" and "energy consumption" were prevalent.

Michael's home was designed with energy efficiency in mind, however, energy conservation is different for everybody. He chose to pass on the solar while the house was under construction, and after the first month of living in his new home, Michael received his first utility bill. We like to believe that Lorie, Michael's wife, was the first person he informed of the absurdity, however, Nicholas was the first person to probably hear Michael's pleads for mercy. $676 was the charge from Michael's utility company.

Within the next 4 weeks, Michael and Lorie underwent one last construction phase; solar installation. This became the game changer for Michael and Nicholas. Michael's bill dropped below $100, and he was hooked on solar.

With Michael's finance background from Amherst college and employment with companies such as Goldman Sachs and Bear Sterns, and Nicholas' engineering background from the Naval Academy, the two partners figured the best opportunity they had during one of the toughest economic times in history was to join forces. And join they did.

Comerford Solar was incorporated in July of 2012 and our recent finance company was created in December of 2012. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering very unique opportunities to our clients' since we can offer quality installations in HVAC and solar, and, we can offer very competitive and fair finance options. We believe that everyone should go solar and with our 0 Money Down and guaranteed 30% savings, we know they will.

A Unique Financial Opportunity

Jun 19, 2010 | Cutting out the middle men

When the numbers make sense the decision is easy. When Nick and Mike sat down over lunch, they began to brainstorm of ways that they could bring their costs down, as well as bring down costs for their clients. When it struck them, they couldn't believe that no other company had really done this before, they decided to bring financing In-House. One of the biggest hindrances to solar is cost, that is why finance companies began to back solar installation projects. When it came down to the numbers alone, it's a solid investment. Invest in a system that pays for itself and it will eventually begin to make you money. That's why big lending companies are so eager to invest in such a solid system. However, now that smaller investors are beginning to take note, and see how safe this kind of investment can be, they are all eager to jump aboard. Back to the story, Mike and Nick worked out the numbers for themselves, secured some backing, and are now able to finance their own solar jobs, cutting out the middleman, and bringing that savings right to you.

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Mike Comerford's Money Saving Solar System

A nice house, a clean design... when Nick Donzelli and Mike Comerford put their heads together, they came up with a shining example of what a solar design could be functionally, financially, and aesthetically.

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