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We believe that Transparency builds trust. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure that you know how we generate your quote.

The Three Parts to the Puzzle

When you decide that you want solar for your business, The first step is to size the system. In order to appropriately size the Solar Energy System, we need three basic pieces of information: The Dimensions of the Roof Space, The Limitation of the Breaker Panel, and 12 months of Electric Bills.

Roof Dimensions

This is the basic first step in any Solar Quoting process. This is how we can determine just how many solar modules that we can physically fit on the roof. The easiest way to get this information is, yes you guess it, to hop right up on the roof with a ladder and a tape measure and create a schematic of the roof. This will serve us two fold in determining how many modules we can fit on the roof, but also later in the permitting phase when we need to submit our design to the county.

As we are jotting down the dimensions of the roof, we are also taking snapshots of possible obstructions, odd shading patterns, and getting a good feel for the space. You just can't get a good feel for a roof from Google Earth, although it is a helpful tool.

Breaker Panel

Safety is our Primary concern. That is why this is such an important detail. Because you can only safely backfeed so much electricity into the grid through the breaker box, we take great care not to exceed this limit to ensure that no hazards occur. Fret not! There is absolutely no possibility of danger if the system is designed correctly, that is why our engineers require this information from the very start.

Should you desire to implement a Solar Energy System that exceeds this limit to do a foreseeable increase in energy usage such as an expansion, a fleet of electric cars, or any other energy intensive appliances, we are fully capable of upgrading the breaker box to allow for greater energy generation.

12 Months of Electricity Bills

Last but not least we need a years worth of electricity bills. Using this information we can break down exactly how much energy the Solar System needs to generate each day to cover the yearly average energy consumption. And if you are planning on upping your energy usage due to electric car chargers, or other energy intensive addition to the company, Let us know! We can take it into account when we are designing your system.

Now that we know...

Now that we have gathered all the information that we need to size the Solar Energy System, we plug in the values that we collected into Carefully Crafted, Home Grown equations and tools. We chose to build these tools ourselves to ensure that they are done correctly and accurately. These tools then tell us exactly how much energy is needed for a 100% system, a 50% system, or any other amount of coverage you are looking for. We have also built this tool to formulate the very best financing options with the shortest payback periods. Our rule of thumb is that if the system is not cost effective we will work with you to find a way that it can be, or we won't do the job. Well, unless you still really want us to that is.

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