Take a look at what our Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Clients are saying about Comerford Solar and how we take care of business.

Maggie C.

"They were reliable, they came when they said they would, and they followed through with any promises that they made. Their customer service was excellent. They followed through to make sure I was happy, and when I missed an appointment, they came back on a different day. I had no problems with them whatsoever."

Christopher G.

"They were willing to work with us. The estimator underbid our job, but they honored the price that he bid the job for. They did a pretty good job, and I am one hundred percent sure that I like them."

Mary G.

"They cared about my needs. I didn't want a lot of noise coming in through my house with all that I had bought from them. They took special attention to that. They came back several times after the service just to see if I was still happy with the products that I bought. They were wonderful people."

Candice H.

"They did what they said they would do. They were very efficient, they started when they said they would, they finished the job within the date range, and they were very clean. I've found that these things aren't true with similar companies I've used."

Brad H.

"Their professionalism, they gave candid answers and recommendations and kept everything honest and open. We were really happy with them. They were able to do it well. Their communication was great. They would always get back to us, and they were always available. The owner was very easy to reach, and he always gave us a heads up. We knew when to expect the equipment and that type of thing. They were very proactive."

Raj N.

"I liked their understanding of the problem and solutions for them. They were working on a special design. I am an expert in the same field, and whatever I explained, they were able to understand. They were there to work with me, to learn, and to implement the project properly. They are the best so far in my experience."

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