Know Solar!

Know Solar! is Comerford Solar's initiative to help you understand the fast changing world of solar.
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Knowledge is power.

In this case, literally.

What is Know Solar!?

Solar Photovoltaic is a great technology that has the potential to change the world and the way we live. However, it is also commonly misunderstood due to misinformation, or false preconceived notions. Know Solar! is our answer. Know Solar! is an initiative at Comerford Solar that seeks to inform the public about the benefits of solar in a non-bias and non-sales way. Our mission with Know Solar! is to educate on the topics of:

  • How solar modules work
  • How they tie back into the grid
  • The financial benefits
  • Ways to reduce energy usage in the home
  • Installing solar with an HOA
  • What permits are needed
  • The current rebates and incentives available
  • and many more...

  • Our Methods

    Spreading the good word of solar!


    Method one involves a series of webinars that go in depth on the topics listed above. These topics presented by industry veterans, and our very own engineers are designed to educate, not to sell. We feel that if you truly understand how beneficial solar is, and how it's changing our world, you will want to install solar on your own home or business as soon as possible. These weekly webinars delve deep into each of the above topics in such a way as to break down the information into easily digestible bits. The focus and grouping of the topics cycle through and rotate as to keep the information fresh, and new information is added constantly. We are well on our way to becoming the nations one stop shop for solar installs as well as solar information and education.

    HOA Meetings

    Method two involves taking the show on the road. We are partnering up with your HOA to help make solar more accessible to you! At Comerford Solar, Simplicity is key. That's why we are working with your HOA to make the process even smoother. Comerford Solar is building relationships all over the bay area and your local HOA, understanding what the requirements are: documentation, fees if any, system specs, aesthetic obligations, and the like. We at Comerford Solar believe in solar so much, we are doing everything in our power to make solar as accessible as possible. Come join us at your next HOA meeting and we'll take it from there!
    Solar energy systems have the potential to save you a bundle on your energy bills. With federal tax credits holding strong, and our in-house financing options, it's more affordable than ever to never have to worry about another energy bill again.