Solar Benefits

In addition to solar being an economically safe investment, residential property owners benefit from installing solar thanks to:

California Net Energy Metering

"I have heard of Net Metering, But what Is it?"

I'm glad you asked! California' Net Energy Metering Law allows solar PV system owners to bank excess electricity back to the utility company at retail rates, for a credit to owners' accounts. When a solar system generates more electricity than is consumed by the home, such as a sunny afternoon, the extra electricity is sent back the utility grid, and the utility company credits the system. Essentially using the grid as bank, you are able to deposit as much electricity as your system can generate, and withdraw from it as much as you generated and more when you need it. When Net Metering is installed, your utility company recognizes your home as having a solar energy generation system and adjust your bill accordingly. Don't worry, we are here to make sure all of this goes smoothly

Solar Power Homes Appraise Higher

"That makes sense, but how exactly?"

Another great question.

A California residential solar power system will increase your home's property value immediately! According to the Appraisal Institute, for every $1 reduction in annual electric bills due to the installation of a residential solar power system, your home's value will increase by about $20.

For example, if you spend $26,000 on a solar power system for your home from Comerford Solar, after a California solar rebate and tax credits, this system may save you around $3,000 in first year energy expenses, which equates to an immediate increase of $60,000 in the resale value of your home. That is more than double your initial investment and immediate equity in your home!

Solar Power Homes Are More Marketable and Sell Faster!!

"Wait, Really?"

A residential solar powered home is easier to market and sells faster. According to Scientific American, there is a bright spot in the current slow residential real estate market: Residential Solar powered homes are outselling homes with traditional electrical systems. Developers recognize the marketability of San Francisco residential solar powered homes and are increasingly including solar roof panels in new home design.

When it comes time to sell, you will have your significantly reduced or zero cost electric bills to show potential buyers. Homes with a residential solar power system have significant sales leverage over homes with traditional electrical systems for sale in your area because buyers love the idea of having lower monthly bills!

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