Installations A-Z

We at Comerford Solar want to make sure you are as comfortable with your install as we are. Follow us as we take you through a complete installation from begining to end.

The Crew Arrives

Consistency is key, that is why when you choose to go solar with Comerford solar, you'll have one main point of contact to simplify your experience. On the day your install is scheduled, your Solar Consultant will meet you at your home to introduce the crew. This friendly bunch of service professionals know what it means to put in a hard days work.

The Racking

Solar Photovoltaic Installs can be thought of in terms of three main phases, the racking, the electrical, and the equipment. The racking can be though of as the glue that holds your Solar Modules to your home. Essentially these highly engineered structures are affixed to your roof and go directly into the rafters. These penetrations are then flashed and sealed to ensure no leakage occurs.

Once these struts are fashioned securely, the railing is connected. The railing is the portion of the racking that acts as the main support for the solar modules. This racking is the backbone of your solar energy system, and is the framework responsible for keeping your panels secure in extremely inclement weather.

The Electrical

When we refer to the electrical, we refer to the inversion system, and the wiring/conduit needed to connect the Solar Modules to the breaker box and thus to your home. This wiring is done by expert electricians to ensure no wires get crossed (Pun slightly intended). Conduit is laid on the roof to house the wiring safely shielding it from the elements. This conduit is then attached to the racking and secured with accordance to NEC Code, and fed into your breaker box. The only thing left to do is attach the solar modules.

The Modules Arrive

In our effort to continually reduce costs for you, we coordinate with our preferred suppliers to drop off the equipment on-site. Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint and costs in fuel, but it allows us the opportunity to deliver our crew in ultra high-efficiency vehicles instead of great big trucks. Not only is this better for the environment, but it allows us to pass even more savings directly to you.

After the equipment is unloaded, the crew jumps into action carefully hoisting the panels up onto your roof and onto the racking. The panels are secured onto the racking and wired into the conduit that was laid out earlier. With the micro inversion process that we use with Enphase, we will at this point initiate the global monitoring system. This monitoring system allows you to check the performance of your Solar Energy System from anywhere on the planet, we know that you might not check your energy production while your on vacation in Bangladesh, but its nice to know that you could.

Thats it!

Looking for another step? Sorry to disapoint, but that's all folks! Not only is consistency key, but simplicity is equally important. With this in mind you can see we make sure that our processes are as straightforward and simple as possible. When things get complicated, mistakes happen. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

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