Survival Systems

True Off-Grid power protection against natural disasters, terrorist attacks, brown/black outs, or anything else that might leave you without power.

Get off grid with Solar Survival Systems

Never be without power again!

What is it?

A Solar Survival System is an integrated home solution that creates a buffer of energy that one can live on should any type of natural disaster try to rid you of power. Utilizing a battery back up system in conjunction with your Solar Energy System, this system is the perfect insurance against the unforeseen. This means that if something were to happen, your Solar Survival System would automatically and seamlessly kick on. These systems cover the basics, to make sure that your power is sustained for as long as possible, cutting out all additional loads to the system, and leaving only the essentials intact.

The Essentials

In order to ensure that your system will last you while the world is without power, this design feature automatically cuts out all non-essential loads to the system. These essentials include:

  • The Refrigerator
  • The Security System
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Select Outlets (In rooms of your choosing)
  • These customizable options are discussed with you in great detail, as we are designing this custom system for you. Not sure? We can help you design your system, make recommendations, and find out what is really important to you.

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